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Sailrocket 3... here she comes.

 Greetings all,


well it has been a while but I think the news story (on the front page) shows that we haven't been idle. I have held back on saying anything publicly though as I like to be pretty sure of what I'm talking about before saying anything. There comes a point, as with Sailrocket 2, where a good concept just keeps shining through the scepticism (often your own) and can't be held back.

If you liked what the project achieved last time, you won't be disappointed by where we are aiming now. 



A few videos...

 Greetings all,

We have been archiving a lot of our footage from the past 11 years and there sure are a lot of memories in there.

Recently our friends at CNN Mainsail put a huge amount of effort into cramming our project into a 23 minute program.

We think that considering the time restraints, they did a really good job. They worked very hard to get all the details right.


Whoomp, there it is... now for the next mission!

 Greetings everyone... from Arctowski Polish Antarctic research station on King George island.

Right, firstly... this turned up in the mail the other day. I could stare at it for hours. It's little things like looking at this that really bring it all home.

I just look at it and ponder what it took to get it.



Blown Away... The 65 knot+ run (With video)

So let's get this down here before I start forgetting stuff...Last Saturday looked like it was going to be a strong day from the moment it popped onto the long range Windguru forecast. Amongst a bunch of fluctuating average days it barely deviated as it approached. We began to focus on it as being the day when we would go all out. Almost annoyingly, the day before piped up and blew just enough to force us to fully gear up and head towards speed-spot. We stopped just short of launching the boat.


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