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 Greetings all,

We have been archiving a lot of our footage from the past 11 years and there sure are a lot of memories in there.

Recently our friends at CNN Mainsail put a huge amount of effort into cramming our project into a 23 minute program.

We think that considering the time restraints, they did a really good job. They worked very hard to get all the details right.

There are some real behind-the-scenes heroes in our project such as Chris Hornzee Jones and his team at Aerotrope. Chris designed our first wing and was primary designer of VSR2. It was a shame we couldn't squeeze them in there somewhere to give him this credit.

Many of you will have seen it but for those who haven't, here is the link. 


Sailrocket on CNN Mainsail.


Here is another video that I know you will enjoy. It's the full length video of our 65 knot run as seen from the RC plane that chased us. Bernt did such a good job with this that we think it's worth sharing in its entirety. There is a more in depth explanation of the run from this perspective beneath the video itself. Here's the link...


Shooting a Rocket


Right now we are playing around with some ideas and getting ready to start building some scale models to test them. Helena and I are heading over to America tomorrow to go and see some Land yachting and then heading for San Francisco to see what everyone's up to over there. There seems to be a lot going on so now is as good a time as any to check it out.

Hopefully this crappy spell of weather will have broken by the time we get back.


Cheers, Paul



Recruited by Americas Cup?

Have you been recruited by an Americas Cup team to consult about a supper cavitating foils for an AC72?
Oracle? Artemis?

video compilation CNN mast

Thanks for posting this compilation - which provides an appreciation for the magnitude of the effort and which makes the achievement of the result so much sweeter. I have said before that you did not set a record - you destroyed it and you have given pause to all comers. This while the record kept moving upwards year after year. This said I truly believe that Sailrocket has not been fully developed - she needs to be strengthened and given a few tweaks but can it go faster - I would bet on it. I hope that you are provided with funding to take the boat as far as it can go - you certainly have earned the right to explore how much faster this craft can go. From a technical perspective every engineer I now and respect who knew of your program was rooting for you to realize what you achieved. Good on ALL of you - well done and thank you.

So...you're going to tease us?

Paul - The CNN sail video was good fun. How much younger everybody looked when this venture started!

I'm sure I'm not alone when wondering to what your vague titillations are referencing. Coming from the WORLDS FASTEST SAILER, I know I want to hear more. Wish I could quaff a beer with you while you are stateside. All the best!

Tim - Vermont

San Francisco

Let me know if you are for beers in SF, I will be there April 2- April 16. Maybe we can figure out how to have a trimaran in the Bay during the summer?


I have been looking in and cheering you on since meeting you both whilst we were traveling in Namibia. So proud to have known you and can't tell you how pleased I am for you on your achievements to date. Excellent vid's on the CNN reel.

I like the CNN coverage...I have been cheering for Sailrocket

I like the CNN coverage...I have been cheering for Sailrocket for nearly a decade...congratulations on he outright record and living to tell the tale...The Shackelton adventure is good stuff too

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