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Improvement all round...

 We managed to get out on the course yesterday in slightly marginal conditions. The wind was between 17-24 knots... mostly around 20. We were happy to have Dave and Gordon Cameron out as guests today. No one gets a free ride though and they were both happily put to work taking photos and assisting with the launch.




Time to think and tinker...

 The Walvis Bay wind machine remains on safari... although we might get a chance to get out over the next couple of days. It has now been 16 days since we last had enough wind to get going. It's going from 'unusual' to ridiculous. The walls of the container begin to close in on us.

The WSSRC are now on-site so any runs we do from here will be officially ratified ones. Our record attempt period has started. The big TRIMBLE 5700 GPS is mounted on the boat. The gig is on!


Bouncing off the ceiling!

 The Walvis Bay wind machine seems to have broken down. The powers that be that make this one of the best and most consistent speed sailing venues in the world have taken a break and left no message as to when they are coming back. It has been 11 days since we have had enough wind just to get started in and the forecast doesn't indicate anything strong enough on the horizon. It's very unusual for this time of the year. In my four years on location here I haven't seen it this 'flat' before. It's weird. It's slightly depressing to be honest.


Slow speed sailing action... (video)

 If there is something to 'blog' about I will. Unfortunately we have had a long run of very flat weather and it looks set to continue. We are working through odds and ends but basically we need to keep doing runs to follow a process of elimination. We need to see what is stopping us from getting through the mid-low 50's. We doubt it is lack of power. We think it has more to do with an excess of drag.


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