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Boom... the 60 knot sailboat smashes the barrier!

 Just in... 61 + knot peak speed and a 54. something average. Had to stop as the end was coming up fast.  Everything went into fast forward. I was saying " this is fast, this is fast" and then she took off again... "this is real f*****g fast"!!!


Heading out into a punchy wind...

 This is the best looking day we have had so far in this record attempt. The forecast has been good for a while and finally it has arrived. The day started in a promising way but then it just hung around for a bit. Everyone was in cruisy 'stand-by' mode. I went and did what I usually do when I want time to think, watch the wind build and generally chill out... I weeded the lawn. I wonder why I do it myself. I just find it calming and perfect for 'thinking'. I've never done any gardening in my life so odd time to start.


Light winds and 'happy' breakages... and video

 We did manage to get out again a couple of days ago. The winds were still light but we made an effort for the practice as much as anything. You always learn something. On one hand we don't want to expose the boat to risk... on the other, not practicing as a team exposes the boat to risk.

The wind was moderate and we went on standby at the yacht club for a period before deciding just to go for it. The wind at speed-spot was once again around 17-22 knots... generally around 19-20.


Video to go with this mornings blog...

 Hi all, here is a video which brings you bang up to date with this morning. Go Team. It goes hand in hand with the last blog.

Heading out again right now. It's another marginal day but good for training.

Cheers, Paul


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