Sailrocket 3... here she comes.

 Greetings all,


well it has been a while but I think the news story (on the front page) shows that we haven't been idle. I have held back on saying anything publicly though as I like to be pretty sure of what I'm talking about before saying anything. There comes a point, as with Sailrocket 2, where a good concept just keeps shining through the scepticism (often your own) and can't be held back.

If you liked what the project achieved last time, you won't be disappointed by where we are aiming now. 


The concepts upon which Sailrocket 3 will be based already have a lot of credibility. The numbers are good. The real challenge now is to put together the resources and project where once again we can turn these numbers into reality. 

The journey beckons.

Cheers, Paul.



Hi Paul, this is great news. I was hoping you'd keep going. I could probably be of help since I've been successful at sailing all points, with full control, and stability. I should point out that some have thought I was doing much the same as Monomaran and Delta -- this is incorrect -- in terms of roll stability I've always been doing the exact opposite. As a result, roll has never been a problem (no matter the wind strength). I also have total yaw control. Let me know if I might be of help.


Brilliant news Paul. Really looking forward the next episode in the Sailrocket development.

Awesome news

Can't wait for the big reveal. I'd be interested to know if the designs look anything like my RC designs based on trying to make a "sailrocket" concept boat sail around a conventional course.

Very Happy to have some

Very Happy to have some news.
I was following your twitter's account and googling on your name but your are very secret...
In fact, we don't know a lot more today but I hope tha you will find soon some partner to present us your project.

best regards

Hello Paul, Good you're back.

Hello Paul,

Good you're back. Now it gets really interesting. Your goal is now similar to mine. Curious what solutions you will come up with. With your team and resources something fast will appear on the water no doubt.



Good Luck

Good Luck guys, I can't wait.

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