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Centre Court Weymouth...

 So far so good.

Sailrocket 2 has come together very nicely. A big thanks to all those who have helped or offered to.

Many hands made light and fun work of re-skinning the whole wing whilst Alex and I went over many of the little details of the boat and her systems. This boat was built to be used and to last. She's in good shape and putting her back together has given us a lot of confidence to take her out for a run.



A beautiful day to be back...

 Today started with a lovely, blue and crisp Autumn morning. When the alarm went off I commented to Helena how  dark it now was at 6 A.M. We had our own special brew of coffee, jumped in the van and drove down to the Sailing Academy. It's only just over a mile away. The sun wasn't quite up and there was little action. We opened the creaky doors of the container and let the dawns early light flood in. The container had been taken over as a workshop and home to the Sailrocket 3 models but now they have served their purposes and been cleared out.


Sailrocket 3... here she comes.

 Greetings all,


well it has been a while but I think the news story (on the front page) shows that we haven't been idle. I have held back on saying anything publicly though as I like to be pretty sure of what I'm talking about before saying anything. There comes a point, as with Sailrocket 2, where a good concept just keeps shining through the scepticism (often your own) and can't be held back.

If you liked what the project achieved last time, you won't be disappointed by where we are aiming now. 



A few videos...

 Greetings all,

We have been archiving a lot of our footage from the past 11 years and there sure are a lot of memories in there.

Recently our friends at CNN Mainsail put a huge amount of effort into cramming our project into a 23 minute program.

We think that considering the time restraints, they did a really good job. They worked very hard to get all the details right.


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