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VSR2 introduces herself to the new guys

So we took VESTAS Sailrocket 2 out onto the water for our first sail of this, our 8th session in Walvis Bay. We have three team members, fresh off the plane, who are new to the ways of this boat.

For Alex Adams, this is his third time to Walvis but his first time with this boat. For Nick and Adam, the whole experience is new.


We jumped right into it by pulling the wing up and down in the boat park in the morning and then launching and heading across the Lagoon to 'Speed-Spot' as the wind built in the afternoon.


Here we go. First sail of Walvis, Round 8

 The team all arrived safe and sound yesterday. Everyone has enjoyed a big feed and a long sleep... so straight into the sailing program we go. It's a pleasure to turn the sailing status to green at the top of this page. A lot goes on behind the secenes to allow that to happen.


We rigged up the wing today and raised and lowered it a couple of times so people could get a basic feel of it.

Back in the bay, rigged... and waiting.

 Hi all, 

Here I sit, sending this to you fresh from the container/operations base in Walvis Bay. It's just before 10 in the morning. Outside the skies are blue and the sun is starting to kick in. There is not a breath of wind... but it will come. Yesterday afternoon was a good ol' Walvis blow with the accompanying chill in the air.

VESTAS Sailrocket 2 is now fully rigged as we left her. We haven't added any modifications yet.


Speed Sailing AC45 style... Reverse 'Planking'

 Hi folks, I know I said the next blog would come from Walvis Bay but I wasn't aware at the time that I would be fortunate enough to get the chance to find myself 'Reverse planking' on the ARTEMIS AC45 during Saturdays 500 meter speed runs in front of a big crowd lined up on the Plymouth Hoe.



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