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In between sessions...

Hi all,

Well although I don't like just posting stuff for the hell of it, I though you might like to know what we have been up to in between our sailing sessions in Namibia.

Firstly we came back to digest what we had learnt about VESTAS Sailrocket 2 on her first trial session in Namibia. We had a team meeting in East Cowes where we went over the data and videos and discussed the real issues. The basic conclusion is that we simply need to spend more time experimenting with what we already have before we go and blow a lot of time and money on other options.


That's a wrap I'm afraid... so away she goes!

 Well, I'm standing here in a half peeled Musto drysuit. Unfortunately it is coming off rather than going on. We have been on full 'booted and suited' standby with Jeff over on speed-spot giving wind reports via the VHF. The whole base camp has been pulled apart and only VESTAS Sailrocket 2 sits out there intact... but not for long. We are about to descend on her like a bunch of insects and dismember her for storage.


Trench digging on the 'speed farm'.

We just got back in from speed-spot where we encountered some ideal conditions just before sunset.


Heading out as the wind starts whistle

 It's getting late in the day on a Sunday. The wind was forecast to come but showed little sign. Well it's 4 p.m. and it's coming in now. The palm leaves are slapping, the rigging in the yacht masts is beginning to 'ring' and the wires are whisteling... so out we go.

It's a cold, clear and blue evening where the colours are crisp. The orange hull looks great against the blue sky.


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