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50 knot digestion...

 So now we are collating all the data to try and get a good picture of where we are at. We have built up a pretty solid VPP (Velocity Prediction Program) throughout the project and now we want to see exactly where we are in the real world relative to that.


Hmmmm. More 50's... but...


Well it looks like ventilated foils aren’t going to give up all their secrets that easily. We went out today in what I would call ‘top-end’ conditions with gusts up to 31 knots. The first run wasn’t in winds this strong. It was pretty much a repeat of yesterdays 50 knot run. The boat felt great and I managed to use the whole of the course. We are still downloading data but we know it was another run between 47-48 knots with peaks over 50.


A big day is shaping up...

 Today is shaping up nicely... perhaps a bit too nicely. The morning greeted us with perfect blue skies and the wind kicked in before 11. This has the trademarks of a 'honking', old school Walvis blow.


Great Friday!

VESTAS Sailrocket 2 in the house with a
50 knot+ run

We just got back in from a great session and I’m happy to say that VESTAS Sailrocket 2 is now in the 50 knot club. We did three runs culminating a great final sprint where she just surged over the 50 knot mark recoding a peak of 50.53 knots. On the previous run she hit over 46 knots.


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