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Bad call, missed a perfect day.

 As I sit here now, an absolutely perfect sailing day is going completely to waste outside. It makes me feel sick.

I simply made a bad call and we missed it.

The day was building very slowly and I decided to make a call on it by 4p.m.

At that stage we were only getting gusts to 18 knots and it wasn't building. I decided to take the windsurfer across and get a feel for speed-spot. 


42.65 knots... now she's getting her 'skates' on!

 We finally got out on the water today after overcoming a few technical issues involving the electronics and some of the sailing hardware. Man-of-the-match goes to Alex Adams for digging deep into the hearts of the COSWORTH data loggers and managing to breath life into them at the 11th hour. I wouldn't have gone sailing without them as the data is simply that important for us to be able to understand the boat and what she needs.


Now that was encouraging...

 Just back in and still downloading data and videos.

today was very encouraging. In quite moderate winds we managed to get going with the ventilated/cavitating foil. VESTAS Sailrocket 2 got her skates on to the point where I actually physically had to look back and check which foil I had on. She just felt damned slippery. She accelerated up to an effortless 36.79 knots and held over 35 knots for 10 seconds.

I am still absorbing what this represents. It really wasn't windy at all and the run was very short. I was pretty amazed at how smoothly she accelerated.


Light winds keeping us ashore and demise of the old hut.

 Just a short update to let everyone know that things are fine and that we are simply being kept ashore by light winds.

Whilst we would have ventured out in these lighter conditions with the first boat as we worked her through her lengthy development process, we simply need more wind for the stage we are at with the new boat. Anything over 22 knots is good.

As usual, we use the lighter days to work through a list of modifications, maintenance and improvements.

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