Back in the 'Bay'

So, I sit here writing this with the laptop living up to its name. Over my toes the African sun sets over "speed-spot". There is no wind and it's deathly quiet. In the depths of the silence you can here the distant surf on a shore you can barely see. The bird-life in this place is amazing. Huge flocks wheel in the distance, Pelicans settle for the night on a spit that will soon be submerged... but no flamingoes.

One drive down the main street and it feels like we never left. A hard 16 months of boat building just seems to disappear. It's actually quite surreal to be back. We have so many emotion charged memories attached to this place.

Things have changed though. I don't feel in awe of that amazing mile sitting opposite me now despite the beatings it has handed out. As a project, we have matured a great deal whilst speed-spot reamins the same as the day we first arrived. We understand it now. I feel we have its measure. I respect it and am ready for a real battle... it's hard to descibe... I guess I just believe in the outcome.

The Ship carrying VESTAS Sailrocket 2 was due to arrive tomorrow. I found out today that it will in fact be a week late. Apparently it has some "rain sensitive cargo" onboard and had to park up off Portugal for some time to wait for suitable weather! It's annoying because they didn't inform us or our shipping agents. Well, there is nothing we can do about it. Helena and I are here to sort out cars, houses, internet etc for when everything and everyone else arrives. We are constantly looking for a deal to make this whole thing affordable. These are funny times in the big picture of the global economy. No-one is immune. You can clearly see the effects down here. Inflation is coming and if you don't pay real attention then things blow-out quite quickly. We have to remain 'goal orientated'. What do we really need to get this job done. It's not a holiday we are after but a world record.

I like coming back here. The whole place is our arena. This is where our dreams will be realised. It sits and waits patiently for when we ourselves are ready to succeed.

I feel calm.

A new boat custom built for this beach is coming this way at a steady 16.3 knots. It was somewhere off Senegal this morning. It will arrive and we will apply all that we have learnt to try and make it realise its potential. What happens between now and then is all part of an unfolding story that we are happy to openly share right here.

We have brought a few more tools with us to try and bring you all closer to the action.

The boat is due in on the 13-14th.

Cheers, Paul.


The sweet spot

Well i guess this is it
the moment when all the work done reaches out for a prize that is as elusive as the wind itself.we,re all wishing you good weather,god speed,and a large empty bottle.i wish there was a live cam on the front of SR2 - cant wait to see the vids.

very best of ---- determination

Live cams...

Hi Tony, we are working on it. If it can be done, we will give it our best shot. Jonny is on the case down here and we will try and bring you all down the course as live as we can. The limiting factors will be the 3G internet connection speed from out on speed-spot. We're up for it though.

good to hear from you

Hi paul,
great to hear your take on how life is out in namibia , i reckon you could get a job on a travel show if the redux rocket does not show up in the next two weeks :0
keep posting the pictures up the gallery as we are getting withdrawal symptons from not seing you guys around.
take care ian

Good luck guy's

All the very best to you all and say hi to the guy's at the Raft and to Big Chris at the multi coloured hotel along the bay (can't remember the name!)


Back in Namibia

Gosh How I envy you..
It for me would be worth a lifetime of memories to experience one day of fight aboard this venture..
Best wishes to you and your crew..

Very good luck from chilly upstate New York

Best wishes to you all and to Malc. You have some a long way since we were in Ship Science Class together !!! Great sailing on your beautiful fast new boat ! GO FOR IT !!!! Charles Williamson

A quote for you

Hi Paul

I have been following your exploits for quite a few years now and really enjoyed your last blog!

I love Africa - such a magical place!!

I was reminded of a quote when I read your blog. It's from Sir Edmund Hillary and it goes something like this:

"Everest, you will not change, but I, I will grow stronger."

I hope this inspires you even more!

All the very best,

Lee Brogden

The Future

Hi Paul and the team,

A massive thankyou for sharing the project with us. When you pop the cork on that big bottle, I'll have a small version of the same myself!

Fair winds and be safe!

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