Failure leads to future...

Hi all, just a quick one... if it is possible for me to do that!

Malcolm has just returned to the UK after an extremely productive week down here in Namibia. It may well turn out that the timing of the last failure was perfect. With a destroyed steering system and without the distraction of going Sailing, Malcolm, George and myself sat down with a clean sheet of peper to fully redesign VESTAS SAILROCKET's control systems. It was brilliant week full of late night brain-stroming sessions.

VESTAS SAILROCKET is now fully rebuilt. what is left to do is the final design and implementation of the new control package. We believe it will be a major improvement which will tick all the boxes for all scenarios. The process by which we came about our final solution was very methodical.

Ten days ago the teams morale was at a low... now we are riding a wave again.

A full report will follow.

Never give up.

Cheers, Paul. 


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